What can you do?

Access your notes by using tablets, phones, laptop or PC. (This is only an example)
1- Register and then log in.
2- Click on "Begin Page", choose index from "page number", then choose a color and submit.
3- Click on "Extra Page", type or copy paste the text that you want to save in the box. Choose the other characteristics and click on "Submit". Move your mouse or finger in case of mobile and put the submitted button any where on your board.
4- Repeat step 3, for as many times as you want for different notes.
Link your board to your friends, then all will have access to the same notes. You only need to use the "My Group" button.

 Design and build your free web Board 

 Put whatever you want on your web board. Text, photos, links, buttons, albums,
groups and more. All can be designed by you. Check Examples.

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